Welcome to Utopia. This is how we greet each other; we have recognised you. You have a warrant? Slip it under the door and just listen to me. Funny how you eventually found yourself in this Amusement Park. Something about this pastoral landscape kept teasing you to start hunting. You asked everyone to take a seat on a white plastic garden chair, but your choice was too rooted in pain for others to align with it. Can we go back to the moment where you learned you actually need power to achieve stagnation? You chose an imaginary friend and you were struggling to teach him how to please you, but he turned out to be too distanced and impulsive, is that correct? You fell in love with the idea that envy is about social relations, not objects. You have proposed a certain regime, with trees everywhere, just to obscure how standarised this template actually was. Let’s play a little game – tell me about your worst birthday. See that loophole? It is called the need for reassurance. I saw your heart sinking when you realised that unbiased happiness has a lot to do with prestige. So do I have your consent for editing the past?

I. Display 2015 Depot Basel, Switzerland. With Matylda Krzykowski, Timo Demollin, Kasper Pyndt, Christophe Clarijs and myself. It aims to serve as a handbook for future window exhibitions at Depot Basel. Debut of the typeface Dalat. Riso printed in an edition of 100 in the Charles Napels Lab at the Jan Van Eyck Akademie.

II. Parallel School 2015 focused on the topic of Art School Identities 2015, Lausanne (Switzerland), ECAL, featured my lecture about Forced Materialism and the Artist's Art. 

III. London Design Biennale 2016 will feature a collaboration of Maria Jeglinska & Klara Czerniewska, who respond to the Biennale’s 2016 theme Utopia. For their Cadavre Exquis: An Anatomy of Utopia show, I have written two epilogues and a love story. Graphic design: Krzysztof Pyda. Sound: Paweł Andryszczyk. 

IV. In 2016 my script for the performance guiding the audience through the Superproject exhibition in Depot Basel (curated by Matylda Krzykowski and Rebekka Kiesewetter) was presented during Art Basel. With: Luke Archer & Leonardo Azzolini (Contemporary Format), Ferréol Babin (Contemporary Reproduction), Dimitri Bähler (Contemporary Optimism), Soft Baroque (Contemporary Surface), Tymek Borowski (Contemporary Information), Santiago Guerrero Font (Contemporary Decision), Joanne Hakkert (Contemporary Contextualisation), Leonard Kadid (Contemporary Industry), Kaja Kusztra (Contemporary Story), Sebastian Marbacher (Contemporary Conversation), Diana Pfammatter (Contemporary Image), Dan Solbach (Contemporary Visualisation).

V. For Zachęta, polish National Gallery of Art, together with Witek Orski (as Disturbed Dasein), we have designed graphic identity for a Summer 2016 group exhibition, Money to Burn.